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Adam Bruce - Executive Chef

Adam Bruce started out working in food service in Upstate, New York, in 1982. His first job was working at Jacob and Toney’s in the wholesale and retail butcher shop. At this time, he realized his passion for food and knew he needed to further his culinary education to master professional cooking. He apprenticed in the Grist Mill kitchen under Chef Shane Newell, was promoted to the sous chef position, ending his first time here as the restaurant chef. In 1991, Adam relocated to Atlanta and spent 3 years at The Cherokee Town Club under Certified Master Chef Mark Erickson.

He was given a “golden ticket” to the Culinary Institute of America in 1994 and earned his A.O.S. degree in culinary arts in 1996. After graduation, he lived and worked in Singapore, Houston, San Francisco and Las Vegas before returning to his roots here in Warrensburg, New York. Adam met his wife, Jennifer, in 1999 in San Francisco, the two were married in 2001 and now have a 5-year-old daughter.

Adam is experienced in several facets of the culinary industry including off premise catering, fine dining restaurants, major international hotel chain restaurants, private club banquets and personal-private chef posts. Some of his most prestigious positions include “Restaurant Chef” at the American Club in Singapore, “Chef de Cuisine” at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas and “Lead Chef Instructor” at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. Adam considers himself a saucier and is known for his creative and unique approach to vegetable cookery. The Grist Mill is thrilled to have Chef Adam and his extensive culinary knowledge to add to our team.

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Melissa Scott - Sous Chef

Grist Mill Sous Chef, Melissa Scott, started in restaurants at the young age of 14. She began in the front of the house but quickly realized that cooking was her true passion. Shortly after graduating high school, she began her career as a prep cook in North Creek. She worked diligently and efficiently, earning her a line cook position after just 1 year. Her dedication and skill allowed her the opportunity to take on a Sous Chef position at The Copperfield, a large year-round resort near Gore Mountain.

Melissa worked there for 4 years organizing banquets and assisting the Head Chef in the main restaurant, “Trapper’s.” Melissa joined the Grist Mill team in March of 2018 hoping to expand her knowledge base and master gourmet cuisine. She has been huge asset to both Chef Adam and the rest of our staff, always smiling and pleasant. Melissa lives in her beautiful Adirondack styled cabin overlooking Oven Mountain with her son, Nate, who she enjoys spending all her free time with. They most enjoy, fishing, hiking, swimming, baseball and “Monday night dinner dates.” We look forward to having Melissa be a part of our team for a long time to come.

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