About Us

Where History, Nature, and Fine Dining Come Alive.

Though they are new to the restaurant business, Ash and Jaime Anand have an eye for luxury, modern design, and especially good food. The Anands purchased the Grist Mill in August of 2015 and could not be more excited to begin their newest business venture. As past chefs and owners have done, the Anands plan on keeping things pretty familiar around their historic restaurant, but want to “rewrite” history with a few tweaks and adjustments. Clients can look forward to some new décor, extensions for outdoor seating, menu additions, and a general “facelift” of the historic building. The Anands, and their enterprise, will continue on the path of beautifying the once thriving parts of Warrensburg and keeping tradition alive while bringing their customers a twist of something unexpected. Mixing the old with the new makes the classic a bit contemporary, and we can
‘t wait to see what this mix entails.

Ash is no stranger to change, in fact-he thrives on it. The entrepreneur now owns businesses in 8 different disciplines in which 7 of them he knew nothing about before launching. Anand’s enterprise houses a property management/construction crew, a nutraceuticals line, an auto repair shop, an early learning center and daycare, an analytics business, a transportation company, a dog grooming salon, and now a restaurant. The young entrepreneur never allows himself to stop learning, and when he has an idea he runs with it.

The Grist Mill is a high-end, rustic, inviting restaurant that will satisfy any palette and make every visitor feel comforted with its ethereal atmosphere and breathtaking sights where nature meets history. The Lotus Group of Companies is elated to have such a reputable, historic restaurant join their brand.